Spring 2019

  • Inspired by the movie GIANT, the 2019 Hayward High Summer Collection celebrates Elizabeth Taylor’s ultimate femininity, a beguiling mix of grit and glamour. 

    Whether casually clad in jeans and a tee, honing her cattle-roping skills, or celebrating her power as a strong-willed and strong-minded matriarch of a successful oil-and-cattle-baron ranch, GIANT reveals the spirit and serenity of a character composed of spectacular shades of conflicting forces. 

    It’s all reflected in HAYWARD’s mirrored stamped leathers, magic multicolor pythons, and sand colored polka dots set against rough and tumble suedes and leathers. 

    In the heat of High Noon, or sultry summer nights, who can resist a symphony of such contrasting extremes.

    Hope you will enjoy!

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